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At the age of 76, and due to a sudden severe decline in health, I will no longer be updating this site.
It will close when I am no longer able to maintain it but do not yet know when.
Therefore, please download any files you may want. I hope to be able to get some of this site stored
on the wayback machine at https://help.archive.org They have a search engine for finding archived sites.


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I reply to all none commercial emails. However, often my outgoing emails are blocked by the badly configured spam detection software used by many services. So if you do not get a reply within a few days please check your spam box.

Blogs and social media are now the main means used
for spreading marketing hype, lies and dangerous information about essential oils.

Many social media sites and blogs seem to offer helpful advice but are often just a mechanism to extract cash from ill and gullible people. Health advisory sites are frequently run by people with no training in health care. Homesteader blogs repeat information from out-of-date books resulting in dangerous advice. Some so called 'doctors' have realised they can make lots of money by selling quack products and services. The title 'Dr' is mainly used in the USA to mislead people into thinking they are medical doctors when they are chiropractors.

With most of these blogs the owners censor anything that would expose their lack of knowledge or integrity. This stops con artists being exposed to scrutiny. I have been horrified at the misinformation on blogs. They are frequently established by people who have no experience in the essential oils trade and their only objective is to make money from ad clicks. They parrot the hype and lies found on similar blogs, yet most readers seem to believe everything they say. Most of them have autolinks to Amazon shops who care nothing about safety issues and to Google who monitor everything you do and say.

Beware of sites making claims about essential oils and the Bible. In Biblical times distilled essential oils were not available. Beware of those constantly using the word 'God' in their messages, this is a classic selling technique used by con artists to capture the hearts of believers.

Privacy notes.

I administer this site myself which is why it may not work so well on smart phones, I am trying though!.

I do not use the commercial spyware called cookies.
I do not use IP location code.
I do not use geo location code.
I do not have automatic links to any other sites.

I do not use advertising service links.
I do not use google analytics and similar services.
I do not have links to online book sellers.

The only information collected is by my server as is required by the UK Government. That information is mostly statistical, limited in scope, and does not enable myself to pinpoint individual visitors.

Therefore you may read and download documents without me having any idea who is doing it. I can detect multiple downloads of a specific file from a single source such as from the .pdf downloads web sites and I try to block those pirates.

Please look at my links page for the organisations trying to protect people from the unscrupulous International advert serving companies, the social media services and other personal data gathering services.

Martin Watt

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