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Below are links to interesting sites. I am not recommending everything on these sites, but the discerning reader will find materials of interest, and on certain sites some excellent materials.

Organisations I Like

For oils and plants safety information I suggest:

A team dedicated to conserving Manta Rays - one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet.

A sanctuary for rescued elephants in Thailand who show heartwarming affection for their founder.

Privacy/Security issues.

Copyright guides and information.

A search engine that does not spy on everything you do like Google. more on that issue here.

Good information on how to secure your online privacy.

A free tool to help with Bing and Google 'removal' requests (i.e. your name/address is somewhere on the web and you want it removed).

Excellent site explaining Internet issues, security and computing. A mine of valuable information.

Tor software limits those monitoring your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit and it can block trackers and related spying software.

Some excellent articles on how to ensure your privacy is not infringed by the multiple spying networks attached to most social media, Government, Banks, Insurance, Healthcare and other websites.

Review of 30 virtual private network service providers and rating them.

A good article on the issues of using VPN services around the world.

A site explaining how to avoid everything you do on the Internet being tracked by the big companies etc.

Aromatherapy related information.

An essential oils safety board based in Canada.
Anyone can report adverse effects and members can obtain more detailed information:
May be a delay in response due to the recent death of the founder Lynn.

SPARTA aims to collaborate with the FDA over the aggressive USA marketing sites which promote the dangerous use of essential oils. The aim is to reduce the numbers of cases of harm reported to the Poison Control Centers.

This site explains more about the hype and lies emanating from distributors of Young Living and DoTerra.

Safety and related advice. Readers in the USA may find this site useful.

Help for rescuers of the twin towers disaster. From the massage and aromatherapy community.

International Aromatherapists and Tutors Association. Canada.
May be a delay in response due to the recent death of the founder Lynn.

Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. Courses and other activities. USA.

Archives of Chrissie Wildwood.Important information on endangered species and the OG certification scams.

Cropwatch has important information on the essential oils trade, conservation and safety issues.
Now offline but many files are archived. here

AGORA-aromatherapy. Articles and information resource.

Animal health and essential oils. Japanese veterinary specialists with a lovely book about cats and aromatherapy written from the cats viewpoint. ISBN 978-4-88096-145-3.

Animal health and essential oils. The main site is no longer operating but there is an archived .pdf file with good articles here

General Medical information.

Information about prescription and over-the-counter medications and side effects.

As above. American site but the information is of use worldwide.

The United States FDA Information pages. If the supplier of a product makes outrageous or illegal medicinal claims please report them.

The online visible human project - Anatomy

Self explanatory-one sided reviews but still worth a look.

Essential oil Producers & Suppliers.

Most aromatherapy outlets sell some genuine oils, but most do not have the financial resources to check everything that their wholesalers tell them. Therefore, some of their stocks will be genuine and some fake. In my opinion that position represents the vast majority of aromatherapy suppliers.

I will only list those that produce some of the oils they sell, have real expertise in analysis, or suppliers that I know are linked with producers.

UK: Supplier, analyst and essential oils importer. My ex employer, so I can vouch for their expertise.

UK: The finest English grown oils and others. Expert in house analysis, close connections with growers,etc.

UK: Producer of Lavender oil Angustifolia (Folgate and Maillette) as well as some Lavandin (Grosso). Limited production so you need to grab the oil when it is available.

UK: English grown oils and others. Analysis, distillation and horticultural expertise.

USA: Turkish Rose Otto plus many other tested Essential Oils and hydrosols.

USA: Growers and distillers of named varieties of lavender with good information pages.

USA: Lavandin oil, Lavender oil, lavender herbs and products.

USA: Purple Haze -Lavandin oil, Lavender oil, lavender herbs and products.

Spain:A producer of O.G. herbs and oils -good photos.

Crete: A producer of essential oils with beautiful photos.

Italy: Herbs, oils and prepared botanicals.

Canada: Use their search engine to find good information on essential oils.

Vetiver; good horticultural information; great photos.

Herb and Plant information sources.

Some excellent articles on essential oils and aromatic science.

The threat to herbalists in the UK

Rare Plant Nursery. Paradise Gardens - North Idaho.

The Herb Research Foundation, USA. Good information packages on herbs and research articles to buy.

A database on chemical constituents of plants.

Excellent information on a huge range of spices.

Suppliers of ancillary items and other links.

Handmade items from many countries. Specializing in unique items, following the philosophy of Fair Trade (no child labor, fair price for fair work). Owner: Mynou de Mey.

Testing company for small cosmetics makers. A business in the USA who do it for a reasonable sum.

A variety of bottles and jars for liquids and solids.

Bottles, containers, candle jars, etc. An extensive attractive range.

Suppliers for soapmakers, etc. An extensive list.
Directory of Soapmaker Suppliers and Resources

Reiki. For those interested this is a good site.

The site of a web designer who also produces beautiful graphics. Lots of links to interesting places.

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