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Some of my articles were written in the 1990s, but only a few have needed updating. Many of the issues are unchanged due to aromatherapy organisations failing to eradicate the inaccurate education endemic in the trade. Older articles will remain as an historical record as new teachers and students rarely know about the real history of aromatherapy.

Past emails to the old newsgroups:
Here are some of my posts going back to 1994. Readers may find some issues not covered elsewhere on this site. Single .pdf file here.

For the archives from the old IDMA newsgroup Click here.

I have compiled most older articles into a single 2.5Mb .pdf file with an improved index.

Added a combined file of the articles about DoTerra; Young Living; Dr Axe, etc. Click here.

All the .pdf files can be downloaded for off-line reading.

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The individual articles are below:
Therapeutic use issues
Safety, toxicity, etc.
Essential Oils Production
Conservation issues
Marketing issues & lies
Miscellaneous issues

Education and training
A tribute to Lynette Bosman who sadly passed away in April 2020pdf
Huge errors on aromatherapy blogs. pdf
Common errors on chemical families. pdf see also link and this
Aromatherapy education courses worldwide. pdf
Where aromatherapy training is wrong. pdf
Skin Absorption - The misinformation. pdf Updated 2019
The hype about "therapeutic grade oils" By Tony Burfield. He is an analyst who knows the E.O trade inside out. pdf
How aromatherapy does and does not work. pdf
Herbs versus Essential oils-the differences and the errors. pdf
Aromatherapy misinformation - on the uses of essential oils. pdf
Latin Names for oils - the misuse of the names. pdf
How to spot aromatherapy con artists. pdf 
Canadian courses - some warnings, old but still valid. pdf

Canadian courses & claims - warnings on another course. pdf

Incorrect safety - examples from Canada. pdf
IATA conference (Canada) 1999 - Summary papers. pdf
Stephie Cyr of Inner Insights - plagiarist. pdf

Article for a Russian aromatherapy group in 2006. pdf

Interview with Martin in 1997 for an aromatherapy journal. pdf
Letter to Aromatic Thymes on various issues 1997. pdf
A letter from 1995 to Aromatic Thymes - trade history. pdf
Lecture to the Royal College of Nurses 1992. pdf
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Therapeutic use issues
Misleading claims about essential oils for Covid infections. pdf 2020
Cinnamon oils-misdescriptions and errors in use. pdf 2019
Peppermint oil and the false claims about its uses. pdf
Lemon oil and the false claims about its uses. pdf
Sandalwood oils - Why I will not use or promote them. pdf
Essential oils during pregnancy - myths and facts. pdf
Herbs during pregnancy - warnings about blog sites. pdf
How to spot fake news and research references. pdf 

Gynecomastia linked to lavender and tea tree oil. 2018 pdf

A rebuff to the 2007 research on the above. pdf

Fragrance & human fertility - a few thoughts. pdf
Unrefined versus refined oils - short article. pdf
HYDROSOLS - production & sales hype. pdf
Aromatherapy information for Nurses. pdf
AIDS and aromatherapy - how it may help. pdf
Ancient Egyptian uses of aromatic plants. pdf
Post Sept. 11th - some health advice for the rescuers. pdf

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Safety, toxicity and related issues
Safety issues of using essential oils - a detailed file. pdf
Common errors on chemical families. pdf  Plus a link on same subject

The internal use of essential oils. pdf

A NAHA presidents blog on the internal use of essential oils. pdf

A warning over an article on the internal use of lemongrass carried on pdf
A detailed article by a person badly harmed by using the methods learnt from doTerra wellness advocate’s. pdf  
A dangerous doTerra distributor in the Czech republic. pdf 2018
Shocking and illegal advice by doTerra distributors in Europe. pdf
Photosensitisation - the variables and examples. pdf
The dangers of using 'untested' essential oils. pdf
Blog sites that link to Amazon suppliers - some of which sell dangerous essential oils without warnings. pdf
Dangerous medicinal claims on an Indian web site. pdf
Benzoin - warnings on its use. pdf
Claims of anti cancer activity for Frankincense oil - made by YL and DT distributors. pdf
Old lavender oil - the dangers. pdf
Pennyroyal oil - the myths and facts. pdf
Blending oils - the hype over dangers. pdf
Chemistry errors - on safety issues a review for the IFA. pdf
Misleading articles on fragrance toxicity. pdf
Safety issues of soap making. An article by Butch Owen. pdf
Safety issues by Tony Burfield and Sylla Sheppard-Hanger. pdf
Parodies of toxicologists advising Governments. pdf

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Essential Oils Production
Rosemary oil (Tunisian) - growth and production. pdf
A file compiled from the archives of Butch Owen from 2001. There may be some duplication in the file below but also additional information. pdf
Rose distillation - in Turkey in the year 2000. pdf
Linden absolute - see the 'publications' tab.

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Conservation issues
Sandalwood oils - Why I will not use or promote them. pdf
Conservation issues - General. pdf
Rosewood oil - & global warming pdf
Rosewood oil - why not to use it. pdf
The threat to Frankincense trees in Ethiopia. Direct link to the pdf
Endangered species that are still being exploited in aromatherapy and perfumery. The file from cropwatch. pdf
Conservation issues with photos. An informative powerpoint presentation by Tony Burfield intended for IFA members but which went unused. PPT

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Marketing issues
Young Living companies and their associates.
The death of Gary Young and a magazine refusing to publish any adverse comments. By Mynou De Mey. 2018 pdf
Gary Young in Somalia - The lies exposed by Mynou De Mey. pdf
A critical review of Young Living and their pagan spiritual claims whilst proclaiming an ethical Christian base. Direct link
The lies about "therapeutic grade oils" by YL & DT. pdf
Young Living distributors lies on essential oils for cats and dogs. pdf
Young Living Tapes review. Also see the book reviews. pdf
Two newsgroup emails on Young Living and other cults. pdf
Young Living Files - from newsgroup exchanges. pdf
The UK developing scene of Raindrop Therapy. pdf
Review of the website and its incorrect information. pdf
The full review of the 2015 online conference on essential oils. Exposing dangerous quack medicine. pdf
Reviews of the above presentation given by Dr J. Axe. pdf
Claims of anti cancer activity for Frankincense oil made by YL and DT distributors. The dangers of these oils. pdf
General Marketing issues
Hyped oils - a huge list. pdf
The hype over 'organic' oils. pdf
Essential oils, production, trading, etc. By Bernie Hephrun. pdf
Web sites giving dangerous and wrong information. pdf
Another web site masquerading as an information resource. pdf
Marketing sites masquerading as educational. pdf
Advice for independent distributors/franchises. pdf
The state of the trade in 2019. pdf
False Essential Oils - sales issues. pdf
Natural Perfumery vs synthetics. pdf
Health links web sites and their scams. pdf
Suppliers - advice on what to look for. pdf
Marketing Issues - On the Sale of Essential Oils. pdf
Essential Oils on the Internet. pdf See also the file on Amazon. pdf
The need for Public access to Essential Oils. pdf

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Miscellaneous issues

A revised file on the disreputable social media companies. pdf

Google are modern day pirates. Updated again pdf

A tribute to Bernie Hephrun - an important figure in the trade. pdf
Professional organisations - a review. pdf
Professional regulation nonsense - General. pdf
Statutory regulation nonsense in the UK. pdf
Trade merger fiasco's - UK organisations, old but still relevant. pdf
Letter from the UK ICM - on Trade organisations. By the late Michael Endacott. pdf
Letter to the Aromatherapy Quarterly - old but the real history of this trade. By Mike Van Moppes pdf
Complementary medicine in the UK health services. pdf
Correcting the Nationality of Avicenna. By Dr T Nikookar. pdf
Emergencies CERMT team - Interview and details of the project. pdf
Various Letters and emails on the Trade. By M. Watt pdf
European regulation madness. pdf
Emails bouncing or blocked. pdf
Bad businesses - mainly for UK readers. pdf
The European union and its antidemocratic ways. pdf

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