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Blogs and social media are now the main means used
for spreading marketing hype and lies.

Many social media sites and blogs seem to offer helpful advice but are often a mechanism to extract cash from ill and gullible people. Health advisory sites are frequently run by people with no training in health care. Homesteader blogs repeat information from out-of-date books resulting in dangerous advice. Some so called 'doctors' have realised they can make lots of money by selling quack products and services. The title 'Dr' is mainly used in the USA to mislead people into thinking they are medical doctors when they are chiropractors.

With most of these blogs the owners censor anything that would expose their lack of knowledge or integrity. This stops con artists being exposed to scrutiny. I have been horrified at the misinformation on blogs that have sprung up like a cancer in recent years. They are frequently established by people who have no experience in the essential oils trade and their only objective is to make money from ad clicks. They parrot the hype and lies found on similar blogs, yet most readers seem to believe everything they say. Most of them have autolinks to Amazon who care nothing about safety issues and to Google who monitor everything you do on the Internet.

Beware of sites making claims about essential oils and the Bible. In Biblical times distilled essential oils were not available. Beware of those constantly using the word 'God' in their messages, this is a classic selling technique used by con artists to capture the hearts of believers.

Jan. 20018: Due to the disreputable company Facebook (Google) not taking down an unproved link to my review of the Maud Grieve book, I have removed the .html version and replaced it with a .pdf which cannot be downloaded via dirct links on other sites.
Nov. 2017: A detailed article by a person harmed by using methods advocated by doterra oil distributors.
September 2017: Confirmation from an expert in phytochemistry of what I have been saying for years. The incorrect and dangerous chemical groups theories taught by most aromatherapy schools. Go here.
August 2017: Advice on how to spot fake news and research references on essential oils.
July 2017: My site is logging a huge number of error reports due to people not clearing their web cache for months or years. That causes your browser to try to link to files that have been renamed or moved. For your own security please ensure you clear/delete your web cache and cookies regularly. See also:'Google are pirates'
May 2017: An article on the doTerra company spreading in Europe and their distributors dangerous advice.
Nov. 2016: An adverse reactions reporting site which I highly recommend run by The Tisserand Institute. These reports are from individuals and some are not medically documented, but its existence may indicate oils and formulas that are causing problems worthy of more detailed investigation.
Oct. 2016: A new essential oils safety board in Canada. People can report adverse effects of using oils.

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July 2016: Article about blog sites that link to Amazon suppliers some of which sell dangerous essential oils without any warnings on the Amazon shop sites.

April 20016: An article of critical importance to UK and USA readers who detest animal testing of products.

18th. Update on the file 'Google are pirates' and the new court judgment-updated again Oct 2017.

Feb. 2016: For UK readers; an article on how the EU has affected the essential oils trades.

Sept. 2015: At the age of 70 all sales of my publications and courses have ceased. This web site will remain as an information resource and new info will be added as and when I feel it necessary. The peddlers of trash in this trade can't breath a sigh of relief just yet! Thank you for the support from my thousands of readers around the world over the last 25 years. Martin.

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